We love our fleet of remote control mowers which do all the manufacturers claim. They are ideal for extreme slopes, inaccessible and dangerous terrain as well as providing a great mowing service in parks, public spaces and sports grounds.

Dam walls, river banks – maintenance and revegetation projects, Central tablelands NSW

The low weight and the stabilising winch enables the SPIDER to mow on dam walls or river banks with steep slopes and soft terrain.

A cost saving for commercial land mangers throughout Central tablelands and the Blue Mountains region of NSW. 

SPIDER ILD02, The  can replace up to 15 brush cutters or 1 heavy machinery so keeping operating costs much lower. We can use it both for short and park grass mowing.

With our fleet of remote control machines, and a qualified newera Total operator, we can tackle all surfaces and mowing based requirements. 

Where else will be using this brilliant remote mowing equipment? 

Extreme slopes – land management now possible – Central Tablelands NSW

On the slopes where people can barely walk slope mowers feel at home. If the slope exceeds 40° we can use the winch for slopes of up to an incredible 60°.

Heavy brush clearing – Central Tablelands NSW

Neither rough heavy brushes nor unmaintained grass is a problem for SLOPE mowers.

Mowing roads and highways –  Central Tablelands NSW

One of the many places where the SLOPE MOWERS can be most effective is along roads and highways. These areas can be dangerous and therefore SLOPE MOWERS are an ideal solution as it can be operated from a safe distance using the remote control.

Maintenance of railway corridors  – Central tablelands NSW

Sloping areas with low manoeuvring space along railways are places where a REMOTE CONTROL MOWERS can quickly and reliably help with the maintenance of green areas.

Parks and public spaces mowing – Central Tablelands NSW

Speed, ease of operation, quality of cut, low noise and efficiency are essential aspects for maintaining parks and public spaces. All of this undoubtedly provided by the SLOPE MOWER and a skilled newera Total technician.

Sports grounds maintenance – Central Tablelands NSW.

Due to their low weight, wheel chassis, slope accessibility and versatility, the SLOPE mowers are also used for the maintenance of sports grounds.

Four blade, slashing and flail mowing – for a great result.

The SPIDER ILD02 is equipped with a four-blade mowing mechanism that ensures perfect mowing and precise mulching. The blades are made of special alloys that guarantee strength and sufficient flexibility in case of accidental impact on a fixed obstacle. In addition to classic blades, we use curved blades for frequent mowing of parks and public spaces. The unique mowing device is based on high-quality mulching due to which it is unnecessary to collect the grass. Cut grass is evenly spread to the grass roots and serves as a valuable source of nutrients for further growth.

The Greenclimber with its flail mower attachment is suited to rough and uneven surfaces. For grasses and vegetation up to 2″ in width, the Green Climber F300 PRO is unstoppable on any slope. In extreme situations the undercarriage width of 62″, Traxion Technology, and low centre of gravity allow stability and balance. In fact, the Green Climber F300 PRO remote control slope mower has the lowest centre of balance among slope mowers in its class.Thanks to the patented anti-derailment system and its low weight, it can operate on steep slopes up to 60 degrees. The fixed flail located between its tracks provides extreme versatility and stability in areas of uneven ground or extreme slopes.

The AS 940 Sherpa 4WD is a robust, versatile ride-on mower for difficult terrain and high growth. The machine’s 2-cylinder Loncin engine with 708 ccm displacement, up to 21,7 hp and an oil and fuel pump achieve work rates reaching 5,500 m² per hour. Permanent all-wheel drive delivers better traction uphill and stronger, safer braking downhill. The limited slip differential can be activated at any time for more safety. Hydrostatic transmission is controlled exclusively via the drive lever, which controls forward and reverse movements as well as the brake and the parking brake. An additional brake pedal returns the drive lever to neutral and automatically engages the parking brake.

The professional 2-cylinder Loncin engine delivers a rated power of 21.2 hp with its 708 cm3. Equipped with the AS cross-blade system, the AS 940 Sherpa 4WD delivers impressive mulching results in grass and dense growth up to 1.5 meters high. Bearing-supported blades cut the grass while a mulching blade positioned above them shreds the cuttings, which are then deposited between the wheels for added safety on slopes and wet grass. The mower deck’s surfing suspension yields upwards to obstacles, protecting the blades and turf from damage. Cutting heights can be adjusted to 5 levels from 50–105 cm and an option mulch kit is available for even finer mulching results.

Stability and comfort

With a highly stable tubular frame, the AS 940 Sherpa 4WD performs even under harsh conditions. Operators up to 1.9 tall can operate the machine comfortably thanks to a length-adjustable seat and seat spring package. A low centre of gravity, folding bar and branch deflectors are added safety features, while lashing points integrated in the frame enable secure transport.

The AS 940 Sherpa 4WD is engineered for continuous operation with two separate ventilation circuits for the engine and hydrostatic transmission. The engine takes in air from above and discharges it to the side, while the hydrostatic transmission takes air from the rear and discharges it downward. This system prevents overheating and ensures the machine’s long service life.

We will keep you updated on newera Total land management projects, in the Central Tablelands and Blue Mountains, where we use our Slope mowers.  Contact us to discuss your land management project.