Vegetation Management
New Era offers bioengineering solutions and techniques that utilise organic materials to achieve an engineering goal. Below are a few of the bioengineering services we can offer.

Our Services

Jute Meshing (Soil Saver)

  • Heavy woven jute mesh holds seed and soil intact on slopes, drainage ways and other areas of water flow.
  • Jute meshing is particularly good at preventing erosion during rainstorms.
  • Because of its mesh formation, vegetation has plenty of growing room. It gives you the freedom to select a variety of grasses or ground covers that best suit local and climatic conditions.

Organic Fibre Matting

  • Often referred to as a “blanket”, unlike Jute Mesh, OFM’s are a complete blanket usually made from Jute, Coconut Fibre or Coir.
  • Where grassing is the intended use the seed can be sown either under the mat before placing or into the mat when placed.
  • A thinner mat allows the grasses to grow through it providing protection to the soil against storm and tempest until the grasses are established, but thicker mats are available, if needed.

Synthetic Matting

  • There are a number of non organic mats and netting available that are made from synthetic materials. These are usually UV Stabilized and are specified for the more extreme situations where greater protection and strength is required.
  • Synthetic matting is stronger and is able to hold the soil together whilst grass establishes through them in tougher conditions.
  • In some cases they are placed so that they are covered with topsoil and then seeded over.

Sediment Control Logs (“Straw Wattles”)

  • Sediment control logs, or ‘straw wattles’ are cylindrical shaped logs are made from Coir, Coconut or Straw.
  • They are particularly useful on steep slopes where they act as contour banks.
  • They can also be used along waterways where aquatic plants can be planted unto them, whilst at the same time are providing stability at the waters edge.