Bathurst Council Weed Management Project 

New Era Total won a tender in December 2020 from Bathurst Regional Council to manage the weed problem at 11 different sites around the Bathurst township and outskirts. It included sites along the Macquarie River as well as sites leading up to and within the famous Mt Panorama Race Track where the International ‘Bathurst 1000’ car race is held annually in November as well as the  ‘Bathurst 500’ race which is being held there towards the end of February.

NewEra total won this tender because we presented the best plan of action on how to treat these sites, with the most time efficient method to reduce travel time and effectively spend more time “on the job”.  This project is still underway as weed management isn’t a “one visit we are out of here” kinda process along with the fact we are dealing with heavy stands of woody weeds such as ‘African Boxthorn’, ‘Silver Poplars’ and ‘Blackberries’ which can take repeat visits to complete the process. 

The team managed to mix a bit of fun in to this job by treating the Silver poplars from kayaks instead of trying to find spots from along the top and side of the riverbank. They also can enjoy the view of the lovely Mt Panorama Circuit were work is a little slower this month due to race preparation and practice going on. This project is progressing well and our communications and reporting to the council have been commended as fantastic. We have been unofficially told that the local contractors (our competition) have a more laid back approach to how they work so often need to be chased up to get updates on their work. With the impression we have made we will hopefully be successful in future tenders in the area.  This is a great advantage when you are tendering against local businesses that the council have a great duty to support.

The New Era team are well into this project and due to it’s scope they will be visiting Bathurst regularily until the end of the project, due to wrap up in April!