EcoTree Guards – protection for tubestock plants

New product available from newera  

The EcoTree Guard: a sturdy corflute, reusable tree guard designed for ease of installation and improved functionality. A simple robust design with many beneficial features.

The first feature is that it uses only one ‘flat faced’ hardwood stake (included) that is sturdy enough to hammer in without it snapping. Only hammering in one stake instead of 2 or 3 is a dream – saving both effort and time.

The second feature is that the flat face of the stake braces the tree guard against the wind so it doesn’t flap about as much as traditional tree guards; so they are less likely to expose the young plant. 

The third feature is that it the guard is circular – so the wind will whisk around it rather than like the more traditional triangular and square shapes that capture the wind (other ‘flat face’ guards are more likely to blow off or put pressure against the plant and cause damage or expose it for grazing animals). The circular design also gives more internal space for the plant, unlike the confined space of carton shaped guards on the market. 

Because of it rigid corflute design and tight fitting stake, the EcoTree Guard  will stay in place and won’t be uplifted by grazing fauna.

EcoTree Guards are an investment that can be re-used. There may be cheaper options but, when you consider unit cost against installation cost, this tree guard with a one stake installation will always come out in front. Plus, remember, EcoTree guards are re-usable.

Contact newera for a price.  nb: costs vary according to quantity ordered.