Future Proofing Australia: Building a sustainable post-mining future for Australia… land, communities and businesses 

What are we talking about? 

Mine closure is an integral part of the mining industry affecting operations, suppliers, communities, ecosystems and governments. Mine closure is an integral phase of an active mining industry but is a global challenge with few examples of successful closure and relinquishment. 

What is CRC-TiME?

The Cooperative Research Centre for Transformations in Mining Economies (CRC-TiME) commenced 1 July 2020 after more than 12 months of extensive consultation and collaboration effort during the bid development and application for funding process. CRC-TiME has secured almost $30 million from the Australian Government which forms part of a total 10-year investment of $135.4 million.  

What will CRC-TiME do? 

Over the coming decade, a successful CRC-TiME will transform mining economies and support communities and deliver an innovative research agenda to address the complex challenges underpinning mine closure and relinquishment. Social, environmental, economic and technical research will be conducted through three highly integrated programs that work directly with industry and communities. This collaboration brings together a unique partnership of leading mining companies, mining equipment, technology and services (METS) companies, regional and community development organisations, governments and research partners (Over 75). 

“With several large mines around Australia reaching their end and closing in the next ten years, this joint effort will position Australia as a global leader in mine rehabilitation and closure and ensure our regional communities have the capacity to capitalise on opportunities for post mine development,” CRC-TiME CEO Dr Boggs.



How is New Era Total connected? 

As part of the group of METS (Mining Equipment, Technology Services) companies contributing to the CRC, New Era Total will provide rehabilitation, regeneration, soil erosion control works, testing and consultation to support the successful transition of mining communities to form sustainable community and development opportunities. 

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