1New Era Total provides a range of consultative landscape services including site consultation and preparation, mine site rehabilitation, revegetation, weed control, beautification of commercial and industrial areas and a farm tree planting service. We have the capability to service all your environmental landscape needs from establishment and maintenance through to revegetation. Contact us today to discuss a tailored approach for your needs.2


Mine Site Rehabilitation

New Era aims to provide mining companies with vegetative rehabilitation options for post-mined areas. Following mining operations, land requires rehabilitation…Read More

Weed Control

New Era can provide weed control services to rural, commercial and industrial customers. We can identify weeds of significance on your property and advise a best practice …Read More

Farm Tree Planting Service

We provide a high quality tree planting service, providing farms with the opportunity to cost effectively, install wind breaks, regenerate land & control erosion…Read More

Industrial Beautification

New Era can provide a wide range of services for commercial and industrial sites to establish or improve aesthetics. Low maintenance, yet aesthetically pleasing …Read More

Vegetative Dust Techniques

New Era can provide advice and solutions to a range of rural, commercial and industrial dust production issues. Dust suppression is important to a cleaner and more efficient …Read More

Site Consultation and Preparation

Environmental considerations are gaining increasing importance with any new projects. New Era can work with you from the moment you establish you project to the…Read More