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Hydromulching for New Lawns
Hydromulching is a cost effective method of establishing new lawns or repairing existing areas.

New Era services residential, commercial and industrial sites to provide a quick and economical alternative to turf. Once the site is prepared, application takes a fraction of the time of rolling turf, saving you on the cost of delivery and installation. In addition, hydromulching doesn’t require the weeks of soaking water required when turf is laid.

Seed, mulch, tackifiers and water is mixed in a specialised tank and then sprayed out as a slurry to cover the ground.

Grass mixes and additives can be customised for any application. This ensures the you always have the right mix to suit your grass needs and soil conditions.The mixture acts as a bed for the new seed, while the tackifers prevents the mixture being washed away.

Price per square metre

500 – 1999 Square metres = $3.00
2000 – 4999 Square metres = $2.70
5000 Square metres & over = $2.40

For jobs less than 500sqm and large scale jobs, please call us on 0400 424 848 for a customised quote.

Please note – prices may vary based on mix requirements and location. All prices are exclusive of GST.

There are many different grass mixes available specifically formulated to suit a range of applications:

New Lawns


DURATURF® Droughtmaster is the ideal mix for any area with limited water supply and low fertility, but still requires a premium turf performance. DURATURF® Droughtmaster is a blend consisting of tall fescue, ryegrass and fine fescue. DURATURF® Droughtmaster can be used in areas such as golf course roughs, landscaping environments or any situation where drought conditions prevail.


  • Drought tolerant
  • Deep green appearance
  • Low fertility situations
  • Low water requirement


New Lawns2


DUATURF® Estate produces the ultimate in turfgrass quality. DUATURF® Estate is a dark green, dense, clean cutting turfgrass suited to landscape and ornamental lawn environments. DUATURF® Estate incorporates two new generation tall fescue cultivars.


  • Dense uniform sward
  • High shoot density
  • Very dark green appearance
  • Low maintenance
  • Aesthetically superior


New Lawns1


DUATURF® Repair is a blend of fast establishing cultivars to ensure ground cover is established under the most trying of conditions. DUATURF® Repair is suitable for areas such as council roadside repairs, sports oval repairs or any area where fast establishing perennial ryegrass is required to reinstate ground cover into an existing turf grass sward.


  • Fast establishment
  • High growth rate
  • Drought tolerant
  • Low fertility requirement
  • Superbly adapted


New Lawns3


Duraturf® Parklands is ideal for those areas where cool and warm season grasses both exist in the turf environment. Duraturf® Parklands contains a blend of perennial ryegrass and seeded couch. Duraturf® Parklands will produce a quality turf cover in areas where there is limited water supply but turf cover is required to ensure safe playing surfaces.


  • Exceptional drought tolerance
  • Rapid establishment
  • Mid-green appearance
  • Recovery from wear

New Lawns4


DURATURF® Traditional is a blend of fescue and browntop suited to areas were a fine turf appearance is required. Can be used in golf courses, landscaping and passive amenity areas.


  • Low fertility situations
  • Tolerant to low mowing
  • High shoot density