Hydromulching for Revegetation

Hydromulching can be tailored to suit your revegetation project and site.

Before beginning revegetation, New Era will provide you with a species recommendation specific to your area. If needed, New Era can provide ‘cover crops’ to provide initial fast growing coverage to suppress dust and mitigate erosion. As the natives establish themselves the cover crops die out, having done their work.

Hydromulching is a cost effective erosion control and revegetation method.

Once the site is prepared, application takes a fraction of the time of rolling turf, saving you on the cost of delivery and installation. In addition, hydromulching doesn’t require the weeks of soaking water required when turf is laid.

Seed, mulch, tackifiers and water is mixed in a specialised tank and then sprayed out as a slurry to cover the ground.

Grass mixes and additives can be customised for any application. This ensures the you always have the right mix to suit your grass needs and soil conditions.The mixture acts as a bed for the new seed, while the tackifers prevents the mixture being washed away.