Mine Site Rehabilitation

The New Era team works side by side with clients to develop mine rehabilitation solutions that help restore the land.

What we can do

Revegetation, topsoil management and other mining rehabilitation services are important when turning a scarred landscape into flourishing environment. New Era can help mining companies with this process, ensuring they comply with guidelines as they return their sites to a fully natural state.

Our extensive range of capabilities includes:

  • Providing all components of a mine closure plan, including landform design, progressive mine rehabilitation, waste rock or spoil management and water-management structures, to a standard that exceeds regulatory requirements, corporate and industry standards, and aligns with environmental and stakeholder aspirations and values.
  • Bulk earthworks, including landform profiling
  • Civil capacity, including topsoil handling and placement, ripping, final grade profiling, water-management structure construction and erosion mitigation structures, such as rock armouring.
  • Revegetation of native ecosystems or other agreed post-mining land use using seeds or seedlings, including soil preparation and amelioration requirements, such as fertilizers.
  • Post-closure management and maintenance, such as weed control, erosion repairs and landform/ecosystem monitoring, to meet post-mining criteria and stability.

Contact us today

For more information about our mining revegetation services or any of our other capabilities, please contact us today. New Era Revegetation will be happy to organise a consultation to discuss mining revegetation and how this fits into your project.