Turfing can be expensive and labor-intensive. Seeding is less expensive, but susceptible to rainfall washout and inconsistent growth.  newera offers a more efficient and economical solution for commercial sites.  Hydroseeding & hydromulching.

Hydroseeding makes quick work of sowing large areas with grass seed and is less expensive because it requires less manpower, but it does require some equipment which we specialise in. In recent years hydroseeding has grown in popularity as more people realize the value of the process. The seed, fertiliser, tackifier and water are all applied in one fast easy step. Many of the  most common varieties of grass can be sown using hydroseeding -including Bermuda, Buffalo, Zoysia and more.

Hydromulching is a combination of organic mulch fibres, fertiliser, water, seed mix and a binding agent known as a tackifier, which is applied to the area to be revegetated using specialised broadcasting machinery.  The mixture is sprayed directly onto the surface, with the mulch acting as a cover for the seed, helping it to retain moisture for faster germination and growth.

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