Thompsons Creek dam wall at Wallerang NSW 2845

We have been given the responsibility of upgrading the condition of the dam wall at the Thompsons Creek Dam at Wallerawang. This dam supplies water to the cooling towers for the Mt. Piper Power Station. It is a favourite destination for local anglers and people wanting a quiet place to exercise.

As the dam wall sits in a natural environment it is subject to windblown seed dispersals, which germinate on the wall and produce undesirable vegetation in the form of native trees and bushes as well as exotic woody weed species. This makes it a maintenance nightmare.

NewEra Total started working on the wall in December 2022 and continue to undertake major labour intensive work along the kilometre long wall. The steep batter of the wall can extend up to 100 meters. The objective is to remove all undesirable woody vegetation and weeds along the wall so as to encourage a “maintainable” grassy cover. (Which will eventually be managed using a remote control mower; as the slope is too steep for any person operated mower).

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Part of reaching this objective includes newera Total blanketing bare areas of the wall with an organic soil based product to encourage a thicker grass coverage. This will be accomplished using massive “rock slinger” equipment, which can “fling” soil up to 50 metres. This is the only way to reach the bare areas on such a steep slope. This will be followed up with a wood fibre based hydro-mulch product that has a selected seed mix in it so as to quickly produce a “green” cover. The mulch also contains a tackifier that prevents rain from scouring the newly placed soil until the grass seed germinates and grows.  

The initial clean-up, which is currently still progressing, has been a challenge that is proceeding spectacularly well. Our team have achieved excellent results; and if you can imagine working on a steep slope all day, almost every day for many, many weeks you might get to understand why we are proud of our teams’ achievements on this site.

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Go Fishing – Thompsons Creek Dam 

Thompsons Creek – trophy fishery

Thompsons Creek Dam (TCD) is used primarily as an off creek water storage for the Mount Piper and Wallerawang power stations. The dam offers some of the best lake based fishing for trophy sized Rainbow and Brown trout in NSW and is managed by the Department of Primary Industries (DPI) as a trophy fishery.