newera Total was asked to provide a plan of action to introduce some wetland plants species to improve the  water quality in a channel of acidic water on a landsite in the central west of NSW. 

The water channel had a base of soft clay a metre deep so it was difficult and dangerous to enter the channel to plant. Solution? Bricks, the perfect plant pot for this project. 

wetland plants to improve acidic water – www.neweratotal.com.au

Bolboschoenus caldwelli  (Marsh Club Rush) were tied with a twist tie to a brick which was them carefully placed in the water. Eh presto! A solid base for the plant to grow and establish itself. 

Generally the way these plants change the “water profile” in wetlands is due to decomposition. Organic matter affects the pH, as well as binding excess nutrients, metals etc. to soil. They also release some nutrients into the atmosphere.  We will measure the success of this planting method in coming months (the issue is whether they will establish roots in the soil before it gets too cold in the Autumn); we  are also planning on introducing another plant species Triglochin procerum (Water Ribbons) and will monitor the acidic levels in the water channel as we continue to mange and improve the water quality on this site. 

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