weed control & management  – Bathurst Council – 11 sites central central tablelands NSW

newera Total won a tender from Bathurst Regional Council to manage the weed problem at 11 different sites around the Bathurst township and outskirts, NSW. It included sites along the Macquarie River as well as sites leading up to and actually within the famous Mount Panorama Race Track.

newera won this tender because we presented the best plan of action in regard to how to treat these sites in the most time-saving method to reduce travel time and effectively spend more time doing the work on the days we were ‘on-the-job’. When you are dealing with heavy stands of some of the woody weeds like African Box Thorn (Lycium ferocissimum) , Silver Poplars (Populus alba) and Blackberry (Rubus fruticosus agg.) it can take repeat visits to finish the job. Treating Silver Poplars from kayaks was a much more efficient  (and enjoyable) way than trying to access by land. 

For any weed control and management advice and action implementation on land throughout the central west NSW be sure to contact newera