Gardening Products

New Era Total provides a large range of premium erosion & sediment products for your next project which can be delivered to your site or home all over the eastern seaboard. 

We have proven experience on a variety of sites that require many different products.

We can provide bulk on site delivery.. Whether you’re a private landowner, local council, land developer, nursery or a DIY gardener we have a product to suit your needs.
We can also package services to install and/or apply these products. We will follow your plan or let us create one for you. No need to engage and manage various contractors and suppliers for your products as we can coordinate it all

See all of these products below:

Chemical Products - New Era Total
  • Dy-Mark Treadrite Slip Resistant Coating
  • Soil Testing – Trh, Btex, Pah, Oc, Pcb, 8 metals in soil
  • Concrete Premix Bag  20kgs
  • Sand and Cement Mix – 20kgs
  • Sandstone Block 1m x 1.6m
  • Sealant – Tube
  • Fine Washed Sand / Cubic Metre
  • Washed Filled Sand / Cubic Metre
  • Flagstone Pavers / Square metre
  • Pegs garden edging
  • Redwood Chip m3
  • Euculyptus mulch m3
  • Lawn Seed Mix – 25kgs
  • Seamungus 1.5kgs bucket
  • Sand – Fill/Tonne
  • Dynamic Filter
  • Hardwood Pegs 600x50x50
  • Nepean River Pebbles – Random/Tonne
  • Sleepers 2400 x 100 x 100
  • Large Feature Stone 2/3 man
  • Cedar Bark Chips
  • Aggregate 40/20mm
  • Planting media native low P
  • Large glazed planters
  • Medium glazed planters
  • Small glazed planters
  • Old Railway Sleeper for features
  • Assorted Rocks & Stones
  • Aged Railway Sleepers for borders
  • Drill Bit Jobber Sutton 1/8in HSS Pk 10
  • Screws Timber T17 C/Seal hp 14-1065 Hex Pk 25
  • Screw Coach Galv Metric M10x75mm each
  • Rail Fence Panel 2m
  • Picket Cypress Pine 66x19mm 1200mm Osbourne
  • Cable Management Ties Crescent 100x 2.5mm Black Pack 500
  • Fastener Drive Impact Kango 5/16in Mag N/setter Mxm
  • Decorative  Supports
  • Rapid Set
  • Reinforcing Ribbed Mesh 4 x 2m x 6mm
  • Safety Signs – 600 x 400
  • Danger Tape
  • Corrugated Gutter Edge Kit
  • Guttering and Fascia
  • Steel Sheet Mini Flute 900 mm zincalume
  • Hardwood Timbers
  • Hardwood Timber Posts
  • Stainless Steel Screw (Box)
  • DVV PVC Cap Holeman 150 mm Push on Dvvf0200
  • Liquid Nails (tube)
  • Starter Motor 60.3kw
  • Gutterguared Galvanised Whites 300mmx10m Fire Guard
  • Concrete Bastion 20kg Quick Set
  • Screws Mtl Mex Hilteks Buildex 10-16×16 Sl Gry w/seal pk 10

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