Plant & Seed Products

New Era Total provides a large range of premium erosion & sediment products for your next project which can be delivered to your site or home all over the eastern seaboard. 

We have proven experience on a variety of sites that require many different products.

We can provide bulk on site delivery.. Whether you’re a private landowner, local council, land developer, nursery or a DIY gardener we have a product to suit your needs.
We can also package services to install and/or apply these products. We will follow your plan or let us create one for you. No need to engage and manage various contractors and suppliers for your products as we can coordinate it all

See all of these products below:

Hydromulch Products Seed & Plant New Era Total
  • Ryegrass 25kgs
  • Rycorn
  • Acacia Spp (mixed) Per Kgs
  • New Era Rehab Blend (inc cover crop) Price Per Kgs
  • Seed – Native / Hectare
  • Seed Exotic / Hectare
  • New Era Mine Blend
  • Seed Mix Acacia Spp
  • Seed – Exotic General
  • Seed – Native & Cover Crop 
  • Tall Fescue / M2
  • Hydromulch (Grass Mix) M2

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