Mine Site Rehabilitation

New Era aims to work together in partnership with the mining industry to  take up the challenge to continually improve the standards of mine rehabilitation, as part of sustainable development performance.

Australian mining companies must demonstrate their commitment to sustainable development to regulators and various stakeholders.

Rehabilitation starts at the very beginning of the mining project and continues through to mine closure and must take account of all relevant site, local, regional, national and even international aspects. 

Improved performance is achieved through applying key principles and procedures in the planning, implementing and monitoring stages of mine rehabilitation. 

Suited For:

  • Mine Site Rehabilitation
  • Parks & Gardens
  • Revegetation
  • Civil and construction sites
  • Factory beautification
  • Residential & rural properties
  • Council and local government
  • Rail Infrastructure


  • Mine site post closure compliance
  • Mine site operational environmental compliance
  • EPA approvals and compliance


  • Mine Site Stability
  • Mine site compliance
  • Restoration of contour of the land
  • Re-establishment of native vegetation ecosystem

ALL result in a healthier and safer environment for everyone.


  • Landform design
  • Progressive Mine Rehabilitation
  • Waste Rock & Spoil Management
  • Bulk Earthworks and landform profiling
  • Civil works: Topsoil handling & placement, ripping, final grade
  • Soil amelioration and amendment
  • Post closure Management and Maintenance

What We Specialise In

New Era Total has proven experience on a variety of different sites. We can follow your plan or let us create one for you. No need to engage and manage various contractors. We can coordinate it all.

  • Various services to meet all your mining rehabilitation needs
  • Able to work on various sites and industries
  • Specialist equipment to get the job done
  • Skilled and experienced staff
  • Registered ISO 45001 (Health & Safety) Company
  • Registered ISO 14001 (Environmental Management) Company
  • Registered ISO 9001 (Quality Management) Company 


For a quote or more information:

Call us today on 1300 978 817 or contact us at info@neweratotal.com.au