What is the benefit of using “light” equipment on mine sites?

For these services, “lighter” equipment can be help mitigate risks occurring when heavier and larger mine vehicles and equipment are used:

  • Mine Rehabilitation works
  • Landform design
  • Progressive Mine Rehabilitation
  • Waste Rock & Spoil Management
  • Small scale final earthworks and landform profiling
  • Related civil works: Topsoil handling & placement, ripping, final grade
  • Soil amelioration and amendment
  • Post closure Management and Maintenance

1 : Easier access
Locations are more accessible for the smaller environmental/ erosion management situations that arise. Tight spots are aplenty on any site and bulky equipment often is not able to access or manoeuvre in many locations. Smaller lighter equipment also “treads” lightly over areas, reducing compaction, which is an enemy of successful rehabilitation.

2 : More options for scope
A combination of equipment can be utilised which makes carrying out some standard “detail” works on mine sites more efficient. “light” equipment of the type that mines would probably not have access to


Why New Era Total?

We have everything you need for a full service crew:

  • Medium power posi-track and attachments
  • Mini digger and attachments
  • All terrain 8000L water cart
  • 300mm chipper
  • The hydro-seeder
  • trench digger
  • Other?

List from website for ref.

  • Hydromulching & Hydroseeding – smaller machines and large trucks
  • Tight access excavation
  • Mini digger for tight access area
  • Mine sites – all equipment is mine site compliant
  • All terrain water tanker for 4×4 access sites
  • Small water trailer for fire fighting and remote watering
  • Mulch Blower – tight access areas and residential projects
  • Posi-track with forestry slasher
  • Specialised spray equipment
  • Grounds maintenance equipment
  • Flocculation equipment

Our Location gives us access to different sites at lifecycle stages from exploration to post closure. This exposure gives us unique experience, equipment and tested protocols

Alongside our individual capabilities, we have the luxury of affiliated partner groups which can add additional support and services across these services and products:

  • Skilled planting and landcare labour
  • Wholesale nurseries with Ozbreed lic, propagation specialists and over 400,000 insert total number of plants in stock at any given time.
  • mass planting and labour hire for large volume land prep and plant installation
  • product supply for land rehabilitation, revegetation and soil management
  • We produce our own fertiliser product that can be adapted and mass produced