Stephen Wharton, Sales and Estimator

Stephen comes to us with a background in civil and structural design in in the building construction and civil landscape construction industries. He has specific experience in the design and construction of multi-layer civil works, specialising in riparian, stormwater and other water-based landscapes and structures as well as major land-based infrastructure landscapes. He has managed major projects related to bushland rehabilitation, wetland / riparian zone rehabilitation and construction, infrastructure landscape installations.

Stephen has been trained by the CSIRO Division of Wildlife and Ecology to micro-analyse ecosystem function and worked closely with Australia’s foremost experts in wetlands science, design and management, bio-diversity and herpetofauna and has gained the capability to use this knowledge to ensure all aspects of ecosystem ecology are considered in all NewEra Total projects.

His experience also extends to marine operations, which gives NewEra Total a cross-over from wetlands assessment and management into the area of estuarine management.


Past roles and experience

  • Penrith Lakes Scheme: principal design / construction manager of landscape / civil works.
  • Working with major contractors such as Burtons, BMD, Fulton-Hogan and Seymour-Whyte as well as Blue Mountains, Ryde, Cumberland and Parramatta Councils and Sydney Ports Authority.

Welcome to the NewEra Total team Stephen! For any sales and project estimating advice, give Stephen a call on 0400 533 503 or

Most rewarding project and why?

“There have been many landscape infrastructure projects that I’ve managed and am proud to have contributed towards their success. The Desalination Plant project was rewarding because of the location and the scope. Other major road / highway infrastructure projects were great to be part of. A creek re-construction at Cecil Hills was very rewarding and 90% of the team was from EcoPlant. The highway projects also had teams from EcoPlant.

I was the principal design draftsman / engineer and landscape manager on a massive 2000ha. quarrying project at The Penrith Lakes Scheme. Part of it was completed in time for our Olympics. (The rowing and kayaking events). The nature of the finished project is that it will still be here in Penrith in 1000+ years. How rewearding to know that I’ve designed and managed construction of this project that will stand the test of time!”


Hardest part of your job?

Present: “The hardest part of taking on a new position at a new company is hoping you made the right decision. Luckily I’ve known Ryan for some time and have had feedback over the years from people in the industry that was all positive. I’ve often been exposed to EcoPlants progress and am amazed at the groups growth. I like that the Group is investing in / upgrading in all things tech to make communication and record keeping easy and accessible. Communication is everything! As an “older” guy, I’m SO glad I’ve embraced tech and although I’m not a guru I stumble my way through it all with some success.”

Past: “In past positions I perceived that project managing large infrastructure projects could present as being “hard”. I was often presented with jobs where there were many facets that I hadn’t had any experience in. But with a design background I just planned a job out in my head and went for it with 100% success. I remember the hardest position I had was taking over on a massive infrastructure project near Sydney Airport that was part of the desalination plant works. I was dumped into the position when project manager quit because he couldn’t handle the planning, reporting and the site safety regime. I loved it! The end result was awesome! So rewarding, and I ended up being the favourite sub-contractor of the independent safety audit team. (They were strict buggers!)”