What do you need from a contractor?

Working with a contractor is a symbiotic relationship, with trust forming a major part of the equation. There are many factors to consider when working with a contractor…

  • Are they reliable?
  • Am I getting a fair price for the work?
  • Are they able to meet safety compliance standards?

How to know if your contractor will deliver?

Is the company open about their commitment to honesty and integrity in their dealings with you?

 At NewEra Total we are bound by these values in all interactions with our stakeholders, as well as within our own business. NewEra Total has been under new management these past few years. We have adapted our operations to align with these values and deliver critical updates to our service delivery.

What can make the difference to you?

Resilient, effective, efficient, compliant safety protocols

  • Comprehensive upgrade to compliance with a focus on alleviating choke points, which means less time filling in paperwork for staff onsite, whilst still remaining compliant.

  • Efficient QA reporting

    We have upgraded our QA reporting. Automated and timely reports provided, which reflect detailed improvements we have made to your assets.

Helping you monitor activity on your sites

  • Upgraded job management software enabling GPS tracking of all entries and exits of our vehicles to your sites.

  • Contact details for staff that carried out the work on your site, to match the invoice you receive allowing ease of inquiry management and trouble shooting.

  • All heavy plant and machinery New Era Total bring onto your site will be GPS tracked, with the creation of a record of time in and out of site.

  • We will submit daily proof of entry and exit reports for personnel that attended, as well as plant and equipment with each QA. 

Accurate, timely, as agreed invoicing

  • PO approval and invoice approval will be more efficient due to our switch to the best technology available.

Skilled, reliable personnel

  • We have a great team of specialists at New Era Total. Call us today to discuss your upcoming projects or to ask any questions about what we can do for you.