Water Management

New Era offers surface water management services to meet all environmental and regulatory needs. We are able to ensure that water is managed in a safe and sustainable manner, while also meeting commercial requirements.

How we can help


  • We offer best practice flocculation using specialist equipment.
  • This service clears sediment from water systems that have been impacted by erosion. We are able to provide flocculation for both small & large water bodies.

Wetland Rehabilitation, Restoration & Conservation

  • We can consult on the best way to restore the ecosystem of the wetland, offering a high quality reporting service that can be used to fulfil regulatory requirements
  • We can plant the best vegetation for the wetlands and provide ongoing support if needed

Drain installation & Maintenance

  • We can clear existing drains of debris, and provide ongoing maintenance.
  • We can plan and dig new drains to meet your ongoing drainage needs.