Weed Control
New Era can provide weed control services to rural, commercial and industrial customers.

We can identify weeds of significance on your property and advise a best practice approach to control and minimise spread. Our services also include action plans to minimise the accidental and natural spread of weeds.

What we can do

New Era develops strategies to minimise the threat and impact of weeds. Our experienced team can

  • Conduct comprehensive site surveys
  • Identify short and long term impacts caused by over-abundant flora
  • Develop innovative, cost-effective and sustainable solutions to reduce negative impacts
  • New Era staff work within all the relevant codes of practice and legislation, regulating the control of weed species.

With growing concern regarding the use of chemicals, New Era lead the way in risk management & mitigation and are the only local contractor to fully comply with the chemical handling requirements outlined in the MSDS as well fully follow Work Cover/EPA procedure.