So what is hydromulching you may ask?
This technique is where seeds, fibres, fertilisers and tackifiers are combined with water and sprayed onto specified areas. Also described as hydroseeding, which refers to a varied mixture known as a slurry.

Why use a Hydromulcher/hydroseeder?

  • Application of this “slurry” is efficient, time effective and controlled.
  • Hydraulic application ensures adequate seed-to-soil contact
  • This application can apply to small and large scale projects and anything in between

When to use a Hydromulcher/hydroseeder?

  • On any area where revegetation, rehabilitation, soil and dust control are required.

New Era Total will apply project specific assessments to ensure the client achieves the desired outcomes:

  • Soil testing
  • Native Seedmix
  • Dust Suppression
  • Hydromulch

You can view one of our latest Hydromulching project HERE. 

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