About Us

The New Era team has been purposefully selected to ensure the highest quality in service and delivery.

Our services provide sustainable outcomes for our clients through the provision of best a practice approach to revegetation and weed control. No project is too large or small.

New Era is located in Central West, NSW. However, our services can extend to any area in NSW. We have appropriate insurance and safety practices to work with any organisation.

Every environment is unique, therefore our approach to our clients is also unique. We provide a tailored assessment and collaborative consultation with our clients in order to achieve a outcome that is sustainable for both our clients and our environment.

Our Team
The New Era team is highly qualified and passionate about the environment.

We are made up of people with backgrounds in horticulture, conservation, land management, earthworks, landscaping, vegetation management and customer service. Our specialist skills in these areas, along with the diverse backgrounds of our team members, enables us to deliver uniquely tailored solutions to ever problem – no matter how large or small.

Our high quality results and wide range of specialist skills make us a highly valued partner of our clients.


Mine Site Regeneration
Work we’ve done so far

We believe that our best services are offered when we are able to work in close collaboration with our clients to achieve high quality results.

New Era’s depth of experience continues to grow as we offer increasingly offer a wide range of highly specialised services to a variety of clients. We enjoy learning and perfecting our skills as we help solve our client’s issues.

Some of the professional and highly dedicated clients we have had the privilege of working with include:

Springvale Colliery

Springvale Coal Services

Angus Place Colliery



Bathurst Regional Council